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  • What is DMTC?

    DMTC, named after Demeter, the goddess of harvest in ancient Greek mythology, is a landing project of "Organic Food + Smart Micromarket + Block Chain". It is also a sub-chain project of the landing of WaltonChain Internet of Things industry entity. It uses WaltonChain's IoTs + Block Chain Industry Solution to solve the pain point of agricultural development. Combining with Waltonchain basic platform to solve a series of pain points in agriculture from production, warehousing, logistics to stores and after-sales, using RFID chip + block chain technology to solve the traceability tracking process of organic food, to create a safe and reliable organic food logistics channel and information channel.

  • In the past two years, China has been advocating the construction of agricultural modernization, and the related resources are inclined. Policy support is very strong. What achievements have DMTC achieved in this regard or more successful pilot projects?

    In Jiangsu, China, there are 2,000 mu of the largest rice and loach co-cultivation base in China. Combining with the regional advantages of sufficient sunshine, long frost-free period, coastal saline paddy soil, rich potassium content and good water storage and permeability, rice and loach are given high-quality natural gas climate and geographical environment to Co-Cultivate natural cultivation ecology.           
    Rice loach eco-agriculture is a standardized agricultural production system and block chain technology provided. In cooperation with Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, DMTC is the first project of traceable and applied eco-agricultural products. It is a research achievement developed by Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences for more than 10 years and cultivated thousands of times in the field.

  • How does DMTC use AI and block chain to form a huge agricultural data exchange platform? What is the use of these big data for modern agricultural production?

    The application system of agricultural data intelligent contract is established by using block chain technology, artificial intelligence and large data analysis technology. Users upload agricultural data through application software based on DMTC platform system. DMTC application platform converts agricultural data into intelligent contracts and stores them in block chains. Intelligent contracted agricultural data can be efficiently applied to various agricultural related scenarios.           
    DMTC passes through sensors, cameras, and small watt black boxes. Through the sensor, the temperature and humidity in the air can be used to detect whether the PH value of the soil has pesticides and fertilizers in real time.

  • What is the application of DMTC traceability chain? What changes can these applications bring to agriculture?

    The application of DMTC traceability chain is mainly embodied in the following three aspects:           
    First, with the development of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology, DMTC runs through the whole agricultural ecological chain. When agricultural production is made, the environment data and production process data of agricultural products are recorded automatically. When agricultural products are transported, the transportation data are recorded automatically. When selling, the DMTC terminal connects the Smart Micromarket and mining. Collection of consumer behavior data, through the popularity of smart micromarket, terminals throughout the living quarters, for industrial development to collect rich data.           
    Secondly, in terms of data security, most of the big agricultural data are stored in the traditional centralized way, and are vulnerable to malicious tampering. With the development of network equipment and the Agricultural Internet of Things (IoMT), the existing traceability IT architecture is trying to maintain the security of the system. DMTC platform may become the infrastructure needed to maintain the privacy and security of traceable data, and provide a strong guarantee for the stability and validity of data preservation.           
    Thirdly, the data collected by DMTC in the whole process can be conditionally shared with the users in the whole supply chain of ecological agriculture, and the production and transportation data can be shared with consumers, tracing the origin and development of products. Share consumer behavior data to producers, guide agricultural producers to adjust production direction, improve production efficiency and so on.

  • What's the difference between DMTC's smart micromarket and traditional sales market? What's its competitive point? What conveniences does smart micromarket bring to residents?

    Compared with the traditional sales market, smart micromarket has the following two advantages:           
    Technical advantages, DMTC uses big data to reduce fresh loss, uses artificial intelligence to simplify the transaction process, uses Internet of Things technology to reduce human costs, uses block chain technology to establish traceability mechanism, so that consumers can buy at ease and eat at ease. Behind the technological advantages of DMTC, there is an advanced technology R&D team of thousands of people.           
    Product advantages, DMTC has a strong green vegetable and fruit planting base, intelligent warehousing center, ice fresh complete distribution system, full chain monitoring of ecological green agricultural products, to ensure the quality of products every day, to ensure fresh ingredients, so that consumers can truly "buy at ease, eat at ease".           
    DMTC Smart Micromarket Program has landed one after another, bringing great convenience to the public. Any DMTC smart micromarket products are equipped with block chain gravity sensing RFID chips. Chips can be gravity-sensitive goods, which can be selected at will. As long as the goods inside leave the container of smart supermarket or the chip is torn, smart micromarket will automatically deduct money from the user account of open-door scanner. DMTC independently developed a smart micro-super background, through the mobile terminal to empower the vending machine, the mobile terminal can real-time monitor the status of the vending machine, smart micromarket investors in the mobile terminal have a series of daily functions such as machine management abnormal reminders, marketing reports and so on.