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DMTC is the landing project of "Organic Food + Smart Micromarket + Block Chain", and is also a sub-chain of Walton Chain, the world leader in Block Chain and Internet of Things.

DMTC uses the traceability and non-tampering characteristics of block chain technology, combines the RFID chip and AI artificial intelligence technology of Walton chain, realizes the traceability and traceability of organic food in the whole process, builds a safe and reliable organic food logistics channel and information channel, and thoroughly solves the problem of agricultural products from production, storage, logistics to stores and stores. A series of post-sale pain points, and then liberate agricultural productivity, improve agricultural output value.           
The essence of DMTC is to integrate the resources of agricultural supply chain. The core of DMTC is technology, which provides traceable, safe and green organic agricultural products to consumers centered on smart micromarket. As one of the earliest block-chain-based Internet of Things header projects, Walton Chain is committed to becoming the leader of the Value Internet of Things. Anyone in the Walton chain can set up various sub-chains (such as DMTC) to monitor the whole process of commodity production, logistics, warehousing and retail circulation. At the same time, combined with the RFID chip developed by Walton, it can guarantee the security, authenticity and traceability of all commodity data, thus creating an open and transparent business ecosystem.           
Based on the characteristics of traceability and untouchability of block chain technology, combined with chip technology and AI artificial intelligence technology of Walton chain, DMTC has launched a new generation of retail project, Smart Micromarket.           
Every product on DMTC smart micro-super carries a chip representing its identity. This small chip records all data information of the product from production, processing to sales, and ensures that every product on DMTC smart micro-super is a qualified "citizen". When purchasing goods, consumers only need to open the door through mobile phone scanner, select the goods to be purchased and close the doors, DMTC smart micro-super will automatically generate shopping lists, users can complete the entire purchase process after payment. Simple three-step operation, DMTC smart micromarket makes you feel like using your own refrigerator.

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Core advantages
TOKEN allocation
  • 10% Founding team
  • 5% Legal public relations
  • 20% Market circulation
  • 15% Community building
  • 20% Foundation
  • 30% Intelligent micro super mining reward

DMTC Token

Distribution scale chart

Development Roadmap
Q1 - 2019 Year
Phase 1

Foundation Establishment
Core Team Establishment

Q2 - 2019 Year
Phase 2

Early cornerstone investment of DMTC
Token Exchange of Mother-Child Chain in DMTC Project
Smart Micromarket application landing
DMTC TOKEN Online Transaction

Q3 - 2019 Year
Phase 3

Smart Micromarket Sales Data Uplink
Traceability Development of DMTC Application Chain
Smart Micromarket RFID Chip and Hardware Upgrade

Q4 - 2019 Year
Phase 4

DMTC Smart Micromarket Payment
Development of DMTC Agricultural Monitoring Equipment

Q1 - 2020 Year
Phase 1

Smart Micromarket Sales Data Uplink
Traceability Development of DMTC Application Chain
Smart Micromarket RFID Chip and Hardware Upgrade

Q2 - 2020 Year
Phase 2

Data Sharing in Agricultural Institutions
Construction of DMTC Traceability AI Big Data Platform for Agricultural Products

Q3 - 2020 Year
Phase 3

End-to-end Data Interconnection in Intelligent Agriculture
Integration of Agricultural Equipment Providers and DMTC

Q4 - 2020 Year
Phase 4

DMTC Application Chain Upline