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DMTC 2019 Annual Report

2020 / 01 / 01

        DMTC is the first agricultural traceability ecological chain in the world. It uses Internet of things + blockchain + big data and other technologies to realize the all-round traceability and monitoring of agricultural production information. In the DMTC ecosystem, all agricultural products will be labeled with "chip", recording their life cycle from planting,processing to circulation. Consumers can also query the relevant information of the agricultural products anytime and anywhere through the chip, making the information of the agricultural products open and transparent to the greatest extent, so that consumers can dispel their concerns about food safety and build consumers and enterprises The trust bridge of industry.

DMTC - Review in 2019

On May 18, 2019, the DMTC global agricultural traceability ecosystem conference and launch ceremony was held in Shenzhen Shekou Hilton Hotel.

On June 21, DMTC eco agriculture global tour forum was held in Taipei, Taiwan for the first time, and was warmly welcomed by local investors and blockchain industry practitioners.

Speech by Lin Dayan, the DMTC COO

Guests on the scene

On June 28, DMTC team, together with Walton chain, appeared in Seoul, South Korea, to discuss the landing prospect of smart agriculture with global partners.


Guests on the scene

On July 10, DMTC's global roadshow was held in Lippo mall purist.moritz, Indonesia's Indonesia Office of Huobi, Jakarta, Indonesia. A number of Indonesian investment institutions, blockchain operators and famousblockchain media participated in the summit and expressedtheir intention of strategic cooperation after the meeting. Many famous blockchain media praised the summit and DMTC's agricultural traceability application project.


DMTC is highly praised by many well-known overseas media

On July 14, DMTC was invited to attend "2019 eco summit" to enable new agricultural ecology.

Guests on the scene

DMTC project has attracted much attention

On July 28, DMTC was first listed on Taibi exchange. At present, 5 exchanges have been launched.


DMTC main network launched

After 10 months of technical expertise, the R & D Progress of DMTC agricultural traceability application chain has made a significant breakthrough. On October 25, DMTC staking wallet officially launched, and Android and IOS downloads were launched simultaneously; on November 20, the main network of dmtc agricultural traceability application chain officially launched.


Core advantages of DMTC


DMTC applications


DMTC global community


Don't forget the original intention, forge ahead

Since DMTC was launched, it has gathered many well-known partners and loyal community members. DMTC has also always implemented the application of blockchain technology, bringing forward the momentum for the healthy development of the blockchain industry. Rome wasn't built in a day. It's not built in a day. The blockchain industry is even more so. In the current fierce regulatory environment and the global downturn in the financial market, we have the honor to witness the historical changes of an industry from scratch, from small to great, the bull market bravely climbs the peak, the bear market is not afraid of the trough, DMTC always embraces the essence of the blockchain!

Do not forget the original intention and forge ahead, DMTC will, as always, conscientiously and steadfastly do a responsible project to create more value for the industry and users.