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Shenzhen Xunhe Networking Co., Ltd. led a delegation to visit DMTC headquarters, and the two sides formally reached a strategic cooperation

2020 / 01 / 15

        On January 15, the leader of Shenzhen Xunhe Networking Co., Ltd. visited the DMTC headquarters and had an in-depth discussion and exchange on blockchain traceability technology with DMTC CEO Ma Qingpeng and office director Zheng Zhenfa. Fu Jun, CEO of Shenzhen Xunhe Networking Co., Ltd. fully affirmed the important achievements of the DMTC in advancing the application of blockchain and the traceability of agricultural products, and provided a comprehensive solution to the current development bottleneck facing the agricultural industry. At the same time, the DMTC Foundation and Shenzhen Xunhe Networking Co., Ltd. formally reached a strategic cooperation, and the two parties will further promote the accelerated integration of blockchain traceability technology in various fields.