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DMTC & Walton Chain & Silictec will join hands in the Green Expo to promote the innovation and development of modern agriculture

2019 / 08 / 29

On August and 29, 2019, the 5th International Modern Green Agriculture Exposition (referred to as "Green Exposition") was held as scheduled in Pavilions 7, 8 and 9 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This Green Expo brings together many well-known agricultural enterprises in China. DMTC, as the first intelligent agricultural traceability application chain in the world, joins hands with Walton Chain, the leader of the Internet of Things, and Silictec, the leading technology enterprise, to present at the Green Expo.


On the first day of the Green Expo, DMTC booth attracted the attention of many agricultural products exhibitors and exhibitors, especially the high trust of agricultural industry practitioners. Exhibitors and spectators expressed their demand for the application of block chains in traceability of agricultural products, and expressed their approval and affirmation for a series of traceability management schemes provided by DMTC.
In recent years, with the development of China's economy and society, the issues of agriculture, rural areas and farmers are gradually developing in a better direction, such as increasing poverty alleviation efforts, increasing support for agriculture-specific industries, and increasing support for technology, funds and policies for returning new farmers. At present, people's requirements for the safety and health of agricultural products and traditional planting methods have become the main contradictions restricting the development of agriculture. DMTC, supported by Walton Chain Platform and Cisco Software and Hardware Technology, has formed a systematic and traceable intelligent agricultural management solution, which enables data recording, storage, traceability, non-tampering and real-time data monitoring in the whole process of agricultural production, so that agricultural production can no longer rely solely on experience and make agricultural production intelligent and large-scale. 

DMTC Provides Intelligent Monitoring Equipment for Agricultural Eco-environment
DMTC, with the aid of intelligent monitoring equipment of ecological environment, has improved the means of monitoring agricultural product quality and helped the construction of agricultural standardization. Intelligent monitoring equipment for agro-ecological environment can not only monitor and control crop growth at any time and anywhere, but also record relevant data of crop growth such as climate change and soil environmental change in DMTC chain block, which can provide reliable data for scientific research institutions, and also provide traceable data of product quality for downstream consumers. 。 In the process of agricultural products processing and transportation, equipment is linked to DMTC system, which monitors and records the whole transportation process, and ensures the standardized production and transportation of agricultural products.

DMTC combines block chains to provide secure and reliable data services
The decentralization and non-tampering of block chains ensure the safety and reliability of data, and its high transparency and strong security make it possible to trace agricultural data. DMTC uses the traceability of block chains to establish traceability mechanism for agricultural products through RFID and chips to ensure that products purchased by consumers can be traceable on the chain.

The Change of DMTC for Agricultural Industry
DMTC uses Walton Chain's Internet of Things + Block Chain Industry Solution, combines Silictec's strong software and hardware technology support, integrates the agricultural industry chain, extends the whole process monitoring to agricultural production, storage, transportation, sales and other links, builds a new agricultural supply chain ecological system, takes smart micromarket as the retail terminal, and forms a new agricultural supply chain ecological system with smart micromicromarket as the retail terminal.“ Eco-agriculture+Intelligent New Retail+Data Service+Supply Chain Finance"whole supply chain ecosystem. From the supply side reform, we should improve the efficiency and quality of agricultural production, reduce production risks, lower the threshold of financing, improve sales efficiency, promote standardization of agricultural development and diversification of agricultural finance, and enhance the competitiveness of modern agriculture.